Friday, October 18, 2013

Nina Munteanu Self-Editing Workshop and "The Fiction Writer" Applauded

Nina Munteanu and the Fiction Writer
My Self-Editing Workshop and my guidebook The Fiction Writer received a very nice review from fellow writer Ace Jordyn at The Fictorians in a post entitled, “Serendipity is a WeirdMistress”.

When I attended Nina Munteanu’s one-hour presentation on revision at the When Words Collide Conference [in Calgary, August 2013] the pieces to the puzzle fell together and now revising is totally fun!
I was elated to discover that I had many of the skills and resources I needed to revise. What I lacked was structure for the task. Revising, I learned, is a ten-step process. The second step, Dig Deep, is the most exciting for it gives permission to restructure and change things to make the story better. For example, I had been toying with changing the gender of a main character but was unsure. Then, Nina said it was okay. Bingo! When I did it, I discovered that I hadn’t made the original character as strong and unique as I thought – there were trite mannerisms and stereotypical reactions I had subconsciously written. Why should a female wail and a male not? Or did I want either of them wailing? Was that the reaction I wanted? Of course not! Out with the stereotypes, in with more concrete characters and writing. It’s given me a whole new perspective as I examine all my characters.
The other helpful thing about the book is that Nina has a good succinct information on things important to telling a good story such as an overview of the hero’s journey, using the metaphor, getting sensual, the Zen of passionate writing and more. Simply and succinctly written, The FictionWriter: Get Published, Write Now is an excellent resource which has helped me get my writing to the next level. Simply written (I don’t have the patience for long dissertations), it makes its points quickly on essential things such as the hero’s journey, using the metaphor, getting sensual, the Zen of passionate writing and more.

Thanks, Ace, for a wonderful testimonial! Hope to see you again at When Words Collide next year.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nina Munteanu's The Journal Writer Reviewed in Romania

The following excerpts are from a review of Nina Munteanu's The Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice was posted on June 10, 2013 by eumiealmeu in Burcurii on Despre sufletul meu (About my soul) in Romania:

Primul capitol este perfect pentru adolescenți, mai ales pentru cei care pot fi recuperați din activități destructive, prin intermediul scrisului sau pentru cei care au talent spre scris.” 

(“The first chapter is perfect for teenagers, especially for those who may be recovering from the destructive activities in writing or for those who have a talent for writing.”)

Scriitorul de Jurnal este “O carte care adună mai multe detalii de la
fiecare și vă ajută să găsiți noi posibilități de exprimare! Merită luată, pentru că nu e scumpă. Dacă ar fi scumpă, v-aș împrumuta-o eu! Manualul de scriere creativă al aceleiași autoare este interesant 100%!”

The Journal Writer is "A book that gathers details from various resources and helps you to find new ways of expression! It is worthwhile, and not expensive. If it would be, my dear, I'd give it to me! (The creative writing manual by Nina Munteanu (The Fiction Writer) is 100% interesting!”