Saturday, April 4, 2009

Author Shane Joseph Keeps "The Fiction Writer" By His Desk Handy

"Although aimed at the writing student, [The Fiction Writer] is a handy book for the emerging or mature writer as well as it is a great resource to refresh one's mind on every aspect of the writing process," says Joseph. "I am keeping this book at my desk as I plunge into the writing of my next chapter."--Shane Joseph

Shane Joseph is the author of Fringe Dwellers and After the Flood
(scheduled release November 2009). Originally from Sri Lanka, Joseph graduated from the Humber School for Writers in Toronto, Canada and presently lives in Cobourg, Ontario.

Pixl Press author Nina Munteanu recently interviewed Shane Joseph on The Alien Next Door about his book Fringe Dwellers in her article "Are All Canadians Fringe Dwellers?"

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