Saturday, January 30, 2010

Author Praises "The Fiction Writer" as Frank Helpful and Fun

Lynda Williams, author of the Okal Rel Series (Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) likes Nina Munteanu's "The Fiction Writer" for its short sections and snappy chat:

"High energy writer and teacher of writing Nina Munteanu is an upbeat coach for new and published writers seeking to refresh their art. She relates tales from her own experiences to personalize her frank and helpful advice on getting published. I particularly liked how she focuses on writing good stuff, though. Her light-hearted "alien's perspective" complete with cartoon character combines with her sense of humour and cheerful tone to make the book a positive experience. Short sections. Snappy chat."

Lynda Williams is a science fiction author and blogger. William's fiction is centered around a series of ten novels set in the fictional Okal Rel Universe (ORU). The ORU founded by Williams has been embraced by fans in a big way. Williams has opened the ORU to fan and pro artists and writers, wishing to engage and create in the ORU phenomenon.

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