Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Unexpected Adventure

 Nina approached me in 2008 to see if I would be willing to review her book The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now.  I was rather hesitant as I didn’t see myself as qualified to take on such a task.  English was a subject that I only barely managed to pass and my spelling relied on a spell checker.  She assured me that it was the layout and flow that she really needed my help with so I reluctantly agreed.  Thus my unexpected adventure began.  It was difficult staying focused on the layout as the content would draw me in.  I finally understood what my grade 10 teacher meant when she would say you had to read between the lines. 

With the book ready for printing I was excited to learn more of the process of getting a book

published.  Nina invited me to join her when she went to Victoria to interview possible printers.  I learned a lot about papers used, fonts, formats, covers and binding.  We enjoyed good food and good company returning revitalized to make the decisions needed to get the book printed.

My foray into the writing and publishing world has made me more critical when reading books. I am much more aware of character development and the hero’s journey, plot, and the ebb and flow of the action throughout a story.  I find myself more engaged and appreciative of a well written book.

My adventure started with a request to review a book for a friend. Early in 2012 it became a request to help her manage Pixl Press.  As I learn the necessary tools needed in the writing and publishing industry, who knows where my adventure may take me in retirement. Gardening is best done in the summer, leaving the long winter evenings for creativity!

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