Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Natural Selection Imaginative SF Written With Flare and a Conscience

A recent review in Amazon.ca called Nina Munteanu's Natural Selection a shining light:

"I've decided I really like the short story collection format. It's like unwrapping a new gift every day! Natural Selection is a collection of imaginative science fiction stories written with flare and a conscience. Munteanu shines a light on human evolution and how the choices we do or don't make today, may impact our planet and future generations. The science is fascinating and so are these nine short stories. The fact that Munteanu is able to explain these complex concepts through her characters in a short-story format is a testament to her skill as a writer."--J.P. McLean, author of The Gift Trilogy

Here is the back jacket description for the book:
This short story collection by acclaimed SF author and ecologist Nina Munteanu explores humanity's co-evolution with our environment and technology. A man uses cyber-eavesdropping to make love. A technocratic government uses gifted people as tools to recast humanity. The ruins of a city serve as battleground between pro-technologists and pro-naturalists. From time-space guardians to cybersex, GMO, and biotech implants, this short story collection is a journey of great scope, imagination and vision. "...a stunning example of good storytelling with an excellent setting and cast of characters."--Tangent Online

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