Friday, October 9, 2009

Georgian High School Student Recommends The Fiction Writer

About Nina Munteanu's "The Fiction Writer":
"We use this book weekly in my Writer's Workshop class, and it gives us all the right tips to write like a professional author. It is written with a direct, clear style that enhances our understanding and helps us to truly grasp the concepts presented. The chapters are brief and concise, and really help us write both fiction and nonfiction. We have learned how to properly use dialogue, create characters, and find our 'muse'. I would highly recommend this book for anyone hoping to enhance their writing."--Mark J. Bujold, writing student, Glynn Academy, Saint Simon's Island, GA

Mark's teacher, Susan McLemore, was so impressed with Nina Munteanu's lecture at the Scribbler's Writing Conference on Saint Simon's Island, that she ordered "The Fiction Writer" for her class.

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