Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nina Munteanu's Natural Selection Compared to Niven's Tales of Known Space

Nina with friend Siko on Vancouver Island, B.C.
Nina Munteanu's short story collection Natural Selection (Pixl Press, 2013), about the evolution of humanity, received high praise recently from David Merchant, English Instructor at Louisiana Tec University.

In his review on, Merchant compared Munteanu's collection of nine interconnected stories to Niven's Tales of Known Space. Niven's collection of  thirteen interconnected stories range from the 20th Century to the 31st and trace Humanity's expansion and colonization throughout the galaxy.

"Like Larry Niven's Tales of Known Space, many of the stories in [Nina's] collection involve the same universe.  Nina's stories tease you, though. I want to know more about this universe of hers. My goodness, but she can write. I just love her writing, her characterizations, her ability to draw you in and leave you wanting more. A beautiful writer. I highly recommend anything she writes."

"By the way," Merchant adds, "she writes books on how to write fiction. Those are also well written."

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