Sunday, May 4, 2014

Third Book in Nina Munteanu's Space Thriller Trilogy Now Out!

Pixl Press is pleased to announce the release of Metaverse, Book 3 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy.  The entire trilogy is now available in print and digital formats through Toronto's premier science fiction bookstore Bakka Phoenix Books, Chapters-Indigo (Canada), Barnes & Noble (United States) and Amazon (the world).

Nina with Vali and Costi Gurgu
Nina celebrated the completion and release of  Metaverse in an exclusive launch party April 24th in The Beaches, Toronto.  Several guests joined Nina and two other authors to celebrate local talent.  Celebrated Romanian author and graphic artist Costi Gurgu, who created Aurora-finalist covers for the trilogy and his wife, Vali Gurgu, who modeled as Rhea Hawke, also made an appearance.

Metaverse concludes the metaphysical journey of detective Rhea Hawke, a complex heroine on a quest of justice in a shape-shifting universe of intrigue and paradox.  Rhea Hawke's unlawful quest throws her into a treacherous storm of politics, conspriacy and self-discovery.  The Splintered Universe is a high-paced thriller with a mystery of cosmic proportions that explores the nature of the universe and the human psyche through paranormal phenomena such as multi-dimensionality, clairvoyance, quantum entanglement, morphic resonance and synchronicity.

The three books of The Splintered Universe Trilogy include: Outer Diverse, Inner Diverse, and Metaverse.  You can buy them in print and digital formats at a major book retailer near you.  You can also get Outer Diverse and Inner Diverse as audiobooks, narrated by Dawn Harvey, through  Discussions are underway to make Metaverse available as an audiobook soon, so the entire trilogy can be heard as well as seen.

For more about the trilogy and how to purchase an autographed box set, visit and this site in the near futhre.

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